the one who fits a certain set of characteristics within a group of friends, family members, coworkers, or people in general.
a: how do i fix my computer?
b: you can ask, joe, our resident computer geek.

a: my sink is leaking, but good thing we know john, our resident plumber.
an avant-garde band that started in the 70s and continues to record and tour today. they keep their ident-ties secret by wearing masks onstage and in all their publicity, and have never released their names to the public. the main elements of the residents’ music are the highly experimental instrumentation and production, distorted vocals, heavy repet-tion and a favoring of weirdness over displaying any actual musical talent, of which they may very well have none.
“man, those eyeball masks the residents wear are h-lla tight. do you think they’ll tour with renaldo and the loaf again soon?”
a vehicle dent, usually small, that you have no intention of getting repaired.
it’s got a couple of residents on the quarter panels, but otherwise my car is in pristine condition.
yet another word for p-n-s.
girls love big residents.

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