a place where you work after you have given up on your dreams. the restaurant industry, second only to organized crime, is responsible for the most ruined lives of any profession. your role in a restaurant largely determines your quality of life. for instance, the average hostess or busboy will be less depressed than the average waiter or manager. and the average cook has killed 7 people in his life. if you think that any restaurant is sanitary, even the most fine dining establishments, you are dumber than the felon cooks who finger your food with cocaine and germ-covered hands. moving up in a restaurant means moving down in life, so if one ever finds themselves working in a restaurant, they should use their tips to buy a handgun, and shoot themselves right in front of a table that just began eating.
zach: i do research at the local university, what do you do?

nick: i am a server at a restaurant.

zach: oh…i’m sorry
you may eat food in a restaurant but would you return? you can eat food anywhere even out of a paper bag whilst you are walking down the street. is that a restaurant? allow me to up grade the definition. a restaurant is a place that offers well prepared food at a reasonable price.
the management and staff offer both first cl-ss hospitality and service. usually the staff of a good restaurant are sent on regular training courses to guarantee that a high standard is always maintained and they work as a team to create a pleasant atmosphere for their clientele making them feel as comfortable as they would be if they were in their own homes.
the primrose bar and restaurant in ballynahinch, co. down in the north of ireland is one of the best in the country. it should be on the itinerary of every person visiting the north of ireland for business or pleasure
a place where you eat food
i eat at a restaurant.

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