when you try to call your friend a r-t-rded but you your self are r-t-rded
hey, retaed

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  • nonparent syndrome

    people, generally woman, who allow their unruly kids to run wild in grocery stores, airports, department stores and any other public places. they expect strangers to keep watch on their kids, and think they’re cute while they’re damaging the property of others. the nonparent syndrome woman allowed her kid to sit on a p-ssenger’s laptop […]

  • thats a fiber bar

    what you say when someone says or answers with something ridiculous or straight up stupid. that guy answered the question wrong, “that’s a fiber bar!”

  • dropping the shades

    flexing on everyone while not trying, being a dope -ss lightskin with the particular name “joel” d-mn he’s really dropping the shades on that hoe

  • fax the pope

    jacking off bro, this girl gave me blue b-lls so i had to fax the pope

  • spokey doke

    means ok, from okey dokey spokey other versions: spokey dokey, spokey, spoke friend: hey can you p-ss the salt me, p-ssing the salt: spokey doke

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