when you want to make someone jealous of you for the purpose of revenge.
bob: this chick messed me around so i am going to get her back with some revengalousy, and get with her best friend.
john: niiice

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  • Hangover Blunt

    the blunt that you and your buddies roll up immediately after waking up with a raging hangover after a m-ss party i had the worst hangover after that party so i rolled up a hangover blunt

  • hi-ng over

    pr-nounced like hangover, is the feeling of being high the next morning after a crazy night with your people. all the goods of being hungover minus the headache man: dude someone was p-ssing a blunt around last night, now im sooooo hi-ng over

  • Mung 2

    sorta like mung, except its with a pregnant woman i got mung 2 all over my face when you punched pat in the stomach

  • Reverse Neck

    a praise for doing something bosslike. the opposite of getting necked. -avid “reverse neck” users may just use the phrase “reverse” or “reversage.” you got an a on the test? reverse neck. you f-cked that hot girl? get the reverse. you f-cked 2 hot girls? major reverse.

  • hipbsturd

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