the coolest most awesomest amazingly beautiful girl on the planet. if you are this girls boyfriend you are pretty much the most luckiest person in the world 🙂
i have to beat people up to stay away from my rhaynedel.

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  • rhiannon pit

    yeah i kno her, shes such a tart, she will diss any one who she thinks is different. her car is different thats for sure. is she gona trade it in now? what a narrow minded tart!

  • titrave

    the act of running/exercising with no sportsbra i had to chase down the mailman today and had a crazy t-trave. it felt awful afterward.

  • capink

    mixture of the colors copper and pink filler word can be used in place of f-ck if little kids are around what the capink i’ll have the capink one you make me so capink

  • toddlerdiddler

    one who diddles toddlers. note: diddle – to engage in inappropriate acts. bourne diddled that toddler. therefore, he is a toddlerdiddler. one who diddles toddlers. after getting busy with that 7 year old, bourne became a toddlerdiddler.

  • cappuccino conservative

    a self-centered individual with conservative political values and leanings who thinks nothing of spending upwards of $5 for a single cup of hot liquid (cappuccino) but is less likely to have empathy for the less fortunate by supporting social/political causes catering to the “underserved” because it does not provide a good return on their investment […]

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