real high end- sarcasm really meaning that’s trash
that meth head is rhe

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  • coldwater situation

    when you make out with a guy you have a complicated relationship with and end up dubbing him for the rest of your life. victoria had a coldwater situation last friday because of justin bieber.

  • saunt it

    the same thing as saying you saw something friend: “hey man, did you see the truck fly down the road?” me: “i f-ckin saunt it”

  • flaming cheeto suprise

    when you eat a bag of flaming hot cheetos and proceed to finger or eat out a girl hey i just finished a bag of cheetos, wanna try the flaming cheeto suprise

  • madi surette

    madi is cool but won’t date me but that’s okay she also absolute band trash can be p-ssive aggressive af eats all your eggs sounds like a microwave sometimes hates brendan dog: pet me madi surette: no i’m listening to twenty one pilots be

  • mosey wosey

    slang term for motel. the players club (movie) dad (pulling out gun) :”where are taking my little girl?” blue:i figured we go out to eat you know maybe go.. dad:-shoots gun- you sure you’re not taking her to the mosey wosey?? blue:mosey wosey ?????? dad:motel ! don’t play dumb

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