hot or hotty
she is a definite rhoda.
a beautiful woman , with a wonderful personality. so humble and generous. cute and loveble with a cracking body. definitely wife material.
thats a definite rhoda
rhoda’s love to talk, always smiling with a wonderful personality. they are really down to earth and a person you would love to be around with. they are always looking out for their loved ones. very funny, out-going above all a peacemaker
here comes the peacemaker rhoda
the name rhoda is a greek name and means “rose”
rhoda rose
a girl with cl-ss, grace, poise and elegance
girl with cl-ss :rhoda
rhoda : a name for the genuine and best women on earth. she is really cute, beautiful, very smart,funny, creative, not easily fooled by people, wise , very independent ,thriving and caring
shes a definite rhoda
mary richards’ upstairs neighbor and best friend on the 1970s sitcom “the mary tyler moore show”. dropped twenty pounds and got her own show a few years later, but was never as likeable or funny on her own.
rhoda was always funnier when she lived in minneapolis.

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