rhodesian jackhammer

a wild and ridiculous s-x act that requires lots of preparation on the man’s end. pre-perpetration, the man creates a rigid, metal, spring-loaded sheath for his p-n-s with a piston system that can shoot back and forth very quickly, like an artificial thrust. it is important that the man has a stature and proportions similar to those of dwayne “the rock” johnson. the female must be at least 8 inches shorter than him. when the time to perform this move, the man gains the female’s consent to have regular s-x but does not warn her about his mechanical thruster condom. the man then has rough s-x in the doggystyle position with the woman until she is seconds from -rg-sm. then, in one swift, fluid motion, the man presses the girl’s head into the hard ground and -ssumes position directly over her with his p-n-s pointing down. he then activates the mechanical p-n-s piston system and absolutely f-cks her brains out as her head is driven into the ground, creating a large crater as she -rg-sms but at the same time loses consciousness from the head trauma.
3 people were sent to the hospital after a club handed out free p-n-s rigs. those godd-mn rhodesian jackhammers!

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