the kind of rectangle a b-tch would draw.
“your rectangle looks like a f-cking rhombus.”
“what’s a rhombus?”
a square whom after a rough night of drinking is so drunk that it is unable to stand up straight.
see rhombus in mathematical dictionarydrunk square
the in-between word to use when you more then like someone and less than love them.

because the rhombus is slanted and not totally in love, not complete.
nicholas, i rhombus you. good night.
this word is a geometrical shape, however it may also be used as a word to describe things either when your excited, angry, or upset.
o man, that is so rhombus!
a person who started out as a lame “square” person that suddenly turned into a bad–ss. they party and hook up with guys and stuff. a bad–ss square is a rhombus.
yo, karl was such a square and then he went to that party and hooked up with leon and became a rhombus.
(1) a messed up drunk looking square. (2) the first name of a sweet room where keg beer & shooters are free, last call is ignored, and the delicious scent of syrup remians on your clothes. you can usually find an eclenger parked out front.
are you going to the rhombus room thursday?”
“i work friday morning at 5:00”
“you douche, i’ll see you there.”
“ok, the power of beer compels me.”
rhombus. adj. bad/not-cool.
“my mother died last night, f-cking rhombus man”

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