rhps- (acronym) it stands for the rocky horror picture show. it’s one of the best movies, i highly suggest it. it’s most offened used because the t-tle is just to d-mn long.
hey, has anyone seen rhps
acronym- rocky horror picture show.
one of the larges cult movies ever created.
it can often be seen playing in theaters at late hours such as midight, acompanyed by screaming transvest-tes.
let’s go to rhps b-tches!
acronym: the frickin’ hottest movie ever made. the best way to see this show is with a large crowd of beer drinkin’, cross dressin’ rhps obsessive wh-r-s. it brings a new meaning to sweet transvest-te.
rhps is the best f-cking movie ever made.
abbr.: rank has privileges
this principle justifies giving unfair advantages to the oldest person the person with the most seniority in a group. it is also the most important lesson coach baker ever taught his students.
freshman: how come the seniors don’t get in trouble when they come in late?
coach baker: rhp, son.

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