widely used slang for a females genitalia – v-g-n-
mate i’m not coming to meet you out i’m chasing ribbon tonight..
1) an award given to someone for merely partic-p-ting, even if them and compet-tion are concepts that shouldn’t exist in the same realm.
2) a nickname for someone that ranks well below a bronze medal in terms of coolness.
get me a d-mn soda, ribbon.
rich daddie’s girls who are prude sh-ts. ribbons are seen roaming the halls of holton, ncs, and holy child. they wear their polo collars up and long, cotton skirts. their hair is in a side ponytail or bun on top of their heads.
wow, that ribbon over there is really messed up looking.
a slang term referring to s-m-n or -j-c-l-t-.
“d-mn man i would wreck that -ss until i bust ribbons”
an essential item to the life of a girl who is remotely self respecting. ribbons are spotted mostly in private schools, but primarily walt whitman high school in bethesda maryland. popular colors or styles are pinked, green, polka-dotted, and striped.
girl 1: omg let’s go to bruce’s!
mom: are you doing an art project?
girl 2: no! we need ribbons!
when someone sends you a long angry text after acting like whatever fight you had was over and no big deal.
i can’t belive that gina could send me a ribbon! how rude!

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