intellectual, ambitious, hardworking woman. she is a queen, beautiful, sensual and has a gentle motherly touch. any mans dream woman.
i’m so lucky to have you rica
better wife that up, she’s a real rica
rica is an awesome person. someone who is usually confused between what is right, and what feels right. but she’s always got people looking out for her. she knows she can rely on someone to love her when no one else does.
no one touch my girl. she’s my rica.

i love my rica.
rica: smoking hot girl in spanish

rico: smoking hot guy in spanish
man that girl is rica!
d-mn boy que estas rico !!
a prison-like behavior modification school masquerading as a “therapeutic” school. children are locked into “quiet rooms” which are small, cell-like chambers with absolutely nothing inside, not even a chair. cruel prison guards known as aep staff are always looking to write students up for the smallest infraction. the only kind adults are the under-appreciated para-educators, however they are treated like second-cl-ss citizens by the administration. the children are driven to extreme measures (such as running away from the school and/or throwing furniture at people) by the repressive rules that are so strictly enforced.
bill: dude! ms lefever sent me to the vp’s office just for saying d-mn in cl-ss. who does that?
john: if you were at rica, you’d get locked up for that.
bill: tru dat.

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