an overly tall, frustrated pervert. usually found on pof checking out the jailbait. refuses to share the wealth, including: rizla, lighter fluid, food and petrol. commonly identified wearing mib sungl-sses, hacking at meat in the toby carvery and is turned on by s-xual innuendos aimed at green bananas.
“get away from my little sister rickman!”
“no i will not have s-x with you rickman im 12”
“he wouldn’t give me a f-cking rizla, tossing rickman.”
“was that rickman in that chavvy saxo? he needs to cut that white spoiler off.”

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    an adjective to describe a person or an object that is dumb, ignorant, unnecesary, doesn’t function properly or mentally incompetent. a teacher says what does thrifty mean? a student replies stealing! that student is therefore rickety for not only missing the overall concept of the word but for just being plain rickety!! something that is […]

  • Shake the dew off the lilypad

    (of a girl) urinate; take a leak. we stopped at tim hortons on the way so girls could shake the dew off the lilypad!

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    slang for masturbation when trying to discreetly but openly talk about masturbation. past tense: shook the knuckles last night i was shaking the knuckles while ellen was on.

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    1. one who is victorious over all adversities 2. however, is still incredibly generous and thoughtful “why is she your best friend?” “umm… the word is shalis, look it up.” a name given to zalina (crazi russian in hlss) by allan(aniki) aniki: yo shali shali: yes, a? aniki: lets go get some swissshali! shali: frunt […]

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    a john deere loving, pole smoking, wild turkey drinking, bald headed drag queen from indiana. i went to the tractor pulls and kicked the cr-p out of a group of “amicks” wearing john deere hoodies.

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