a country side town that’s full of black people and white rednecks and hicks, maybe a goth i met once. the only thing note worthy is 2 randall’s bait shops that are about 3-4 miles apart. a gas station and a walgreens. there is also bees city but that’s cottageville. the richest people live in rich houses and each and everyone owns a horse. old beech hill road is a run over deer and stupid motorcyclists who think it’s a autoban, at night so make sure you drive a truck. stay away from black parties or you might get shot. if you want to have fun go out into the woods and hunt. i’m to bored to do anything else than write this post so ya who cares?!?!
drunk summerville high student 1: lets go over to ridgeville and drive down old beech hill road.
drunk summerville high student 2: ya might hit a few ashley ridge wiggers on the way! whoooooo!
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