a select tune or melody of a guitar tab in a song, like in ac/dc’s “back in black” the little tune that gets stuck in your head, is a riff
jimmy page can throw down some complicated insane and fast riffs
something that nu metal bands can’t seem to use with good effect.
no needed
1. music, mainly guitar: a musical phrase based on or around musical scales-. riffs can be pre-prepared and repeated, or improvised on the spot and of indefinite length based loosly around the melody of the song.

scales are a way of arranging musical notes so that they a cool to listen to. basic scales for guitar include:


2.there is also an arabic people called riffs.
the lights went down and the lead guitarist then played a long, slow, sweet blues based riff that had the hairs standing up on the back of peoples necks.
west midlands insult similar to chav. origins are uncertain but it is thought to be an abbreviation of the phrase riff-raff, and localised use in bromsgrove dates back as far as the late 1980s, if not earlier

can be both a noun (riff), referring to the antisocial undercl-ss, or an adjective (riffy), meaning something cheap, sc-mmy or gully gully.
– “what a riff!”
– “he was the riffiest kid in school.”
– “those trainers are well riffy.”
– “i’m a riffy stig.”
acronym for “rowing is for f-gs”. used in short form to confuse and mislead people who see this written on any rowing paraphernalia, often to make them believe it stands for “rowing is for fun”.

note: rowers came up with this acronym
heading: “we won the champ 8+ at henley!… whatever, riff”
riff (verb, -riffed, -rif⋅fing. informal): the art and science of making fun of low budget b-movies by making snide and/or sarcastic comments (regarding the poor quality of the film’s dialogue, acting, plot, shoddy film design, etc…) at the movie or television screen while the movie is running in the background. the comedy can be either high brow and esoteric or low brow and of the bodily branded humor.
the comic geniuses of mst3k brutally riffed upon the b-movie schlock sci-fi/horror film “the giant spider invasion.” (1975) i don’t know if the director was here to witness them shredding his movie, would he cry with shame or laugh until he peed his pants.
slang for deputies (sheriff’s office)
man the riffs arrested my cousin cause he had a warrant.

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