a guy that is a lightweight on drink. can’t read or write. but man can he empty a room. he is shameless in his actions. does not understand anything.
oh are you joking don’t tell me you have that rigby working for you. f-cking rigby.
a man in possession of a foot-long schl-ng which may be cl-ssified as a weapon of m-ss destruction.
word spread quickly around the college that patrick had a rigby, however this proved to be unsubstantiated rumour.
mordecai’s best friend on the tv show regular show.
he is funny, annoying, and very cute.
boy:did you see what happend with rigby on the regular show last night?

boy’s sister:you know i don’t watch that cr-p.

boy: you suck.
the act of inserting part of your scr-t-m into your -n-s. verb denoting said act.
guy, the other day i was watching reruns of married with children and scratching my b-lls on the couch — i decided to see how far my scr-t-m could stretch and ended up rigbying myself.
usual -ssociated with rugby and rock, this person is very good at new years heave and listening to greenday and other such rocker p-rn they use the words awesome and dude excesivly.
person 1: arghhh did you see (name) the other night?
person 2: haha, yeah dude he was a right rigby
someone named rigby is someone who isnt g-y and never will be. they would never date a boy they only love s-xy womans. im so alone
person a: im not g-y
person b: haha nice, sounds like youre rigby
is a game you play with a stick.
— whats her name?
– rigby.
— isnt that a game?
– no thats rugby.
— oh, then whats rigby?
– a game you play with a stick.
— awesome!
coolest kid in america. he has lots of money from his parents and a place down back east and west and north and two more north and a few back east. he loves cars that have a seven digit $ price. go’s to the best school in the world. super strong and cool brother too.
cool rigbyli

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