right said fred

a band that sang the infamous one hit wonder “i’m too s-xy.” the song lists a number of things the guy is too s-xy for, such as his shirt, parties, his hat and a bundle of other cr-azy things ending in an overload of s-xiness leading to the desmise of the song.
right said fred is so s-xy i’m gonna have a heart attack

i don’t feel right said fred is that s-xy

that poor cat
when describing a lady wearing a low cut top and a good bra.
you see two bald head like objects in her bra….. like right said fred.
ozzie: corr have you seen that girl over there?

pat: what her and right said fred!?!
very good cannabis where one “hit” can mess your sh-t up. much like the wildly popular song “i’m too s-xy” caused right said fred to be a “one hit wonder”
“dude, that sh-t is bad–ss, it’s totally right said fred.”

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