Right wing

conservative or republican.
george bush
adj. describing a member of the republican party, or a conservative. opposite of left-wing/liberal.
sean hannity is right-wing.
actually slang. derived from how the conservatives in france, during the french revolutin, sat on the right side of their governing house (whatever that was). in america, (and this is widely misunderstood by college students) right wing refers to conservatives who, by their nature, favor a small limited government with little power and little control over the people, with most of the power residing within the local state governments. basically anti-federalist. in other words, the politicians who don’t want more government involved with your everyday life. they don’t want the government to get too big have a lot of control over the people.
eisenhower, cosidering his spending and civil rights work, was clearly right wing.
the wing on the right side of an artifical or natural thing that flies through the air.
birds, airliners, small planes, bats, etc etc
known as hard-liners in most political parties around the word. in united states it’s ideology for traditional values is it’s basis. modern day right wing republicans are controlled by the christian ideology.
the right wing of the republicain party secret motto for you is to reproduce, obey, and consume.
the wing on the right side of an air craft.
oh sh-t! our right wing has taken on damage.
to be a motherf-cker
person 1: “i think we should just nuke the middle east and kill every last one of those camel f-ckers”

person 2: “your voting rights are hereby revoked you right-wing pr-ck”

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