a beautiful and respectable female with a rare, unmatched sense of humor. as gorgeous as she is on the outside… her insides are even more lovely. at times she is pleasantly creative.

a pure queen, respected and loved by all admirers, respected and feared by all opposition.

be careful with this utterly adorable creature. she may set your heart on fire, accidentally. bring water.

sometimes completely relentless and merciless in pursuit of revenge and/or justice. if you push too her far do not expect mercy.
man: dude why is my soul burning with desire right now?
dude: oh? you just got rikka’d?
a loathsome, detestable character, who is not aversed to having a large (or indeed several large) item inserted into his posterior. a rikka can often be used to insult people who enjoy fetish p-rnography e.g. animal rape or asians.
not to be confused with a ricca- an insult used against alcoholics and fat people.
richard: you idiot why did you drop that?
arthur: shut up you stupid rikka you’re not jesus.

coward: i bet that f—ing rikka has been downloading p-rnography all day.

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