one mean as motherf-cker who don,t give no f-cks, always gets his way no matter what. rimu has one hard as f-ck older brother who is the toughest meanest c-nt around no body f-cks with him. rimu means hard as f-ck
bro u aint sh-t i,m the f-cking top dog around here i am one rimu motherf-cker

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  • grossoholic

    its when you think someones being gross on purpose or its a gross habit and they won’t/can’t stop doing it. grossoholic is for example, someone farts then giggles and does it numerous times .

  • chilimost

    the most coolest of the cool when asked how cool i was, i replied, chilimost.

  • rekt house

    when you savagely show up and completely f-ck up someone’s block neighborhood or living establishment; when you appear in an populated area and completely destroy everyone and everything-no survivors. you know dogman, if he was still alive and was with us right now, he would have rekt house right about now.

  • sound one

    term used to say thank you “sound one pal”

  • anielys

    the most beautiful girl ever created. super sweet and pssionate my girlfriend is anielys

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