one whom often binges excessively and for a sustained period time, while maintaing high levels of intoxication, possibly resulting in eventual cardio-toxicity which generally brings on major anxiety and a desire to continue with the cycle.
davey and mikey – two well known rinser (s) – went to vancouver for 12 days for no real reason and got completely rinsed, both mentally, physically, and in appearance.
(adj) one whom often binges a lot of alcohol in a sitting to the point of being very intoxicated. a rinser generally holds alcohol in high regard to the point of borderline alcoholism. rinsers can be spotted at the pub and at various social events generally making a fool of themselves, slurring words and have been known to stare out one eye to maintain vision ie rinsing their body with alcohol.
“wow look at john, he’s usually very well mannered”
“haha, oh john, absolute rinser.”
noun(descriptive)- a low cl-ss person who doesn’t wash but merely “rinses” off each morning and usually subst-tutes an application of deodorant or perfume for soap.
did you get a whiff of that sk-nk? she’s a real rinser.
1. n. a person who adapts his actions, responses, etc., to take advantage of opportunities, circ-mstances, etc.

2. v. being subject to physiological or physical harm

3. n. irritating inconvenience.
1. oh man he drank all the beer. what a rinser!
2. check that kook out. he is getting rinsed.

3. teacher: you have your final exam tomorrow. student: what a rinse!!
a rinser can be given or received by a male or female. it is the act of only receiving oral s-x and not having to give it or have s-x with the person after. it is tradition to call a cab for the rinser provider immediately after the act has been completed.
for example; a man named sean can request a rinser from a girl named laura and call a cab for her after he has successfully -j-c-l-t-d.
can be male or female, but esp. the latter. a ‘rinser’ is a sp-nk-lover who removes your condom, stretches it, and squeezes the sp-nk out into her gob, gargles, then swallows.
ohh, baby, lemme rinse your bag!!!!
slang for oral s-x, getting a bl-w j-b or getting eaten out, niceeeeee.

to get a rinser is also, ‘getting’ you don’t usually give them a rinser back… they’re rinsing you off with their tounge. nice.
person 1: i went to the bar and picked up some chick, she gave me a rinser

person 2: sweet, i picked up a guy and got a rinser.
a pale, skinny, whimpy, undignified person.
i don’t know…moby?….

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