rip city

1. nickname for portland in re: to the success of the local basketball team the trailblazers

2. portland trailblazer’s fan magazine
3. cheesey song from my childhood
“rip city rap city portland oregon usa, rip city rap city we’re the blazers and we love to play” …
the recent winning streak of the blazers has filled many portlanders with the hope that this is the return of rip city!
n. colloqial description of portland, oregon.

1. urban setting where you can be a down and out drunk, and still buy a house

2.what seattle was before it became a metropolis nightmare
ahhh yes, you ever been to the sandy sl-t in rip city?
rippin and reppin skateboarding for jacob peden from city to city. based in fayetteville, north carolina
man, today has sure been fun skateboarding around fayetteville, nc… i’m glad jacob peden was there :)… goin after it….. rip city
a place where lotsa people are high or a “place” that you go after getting ripped, usually from smoking alot of weed
i’m so high… i think im in rip city *peter griffin laugh*

everybody is just high, its like rip city in there
a place where people visit usually by car or plane during the act of shooting for the goal. once the goal is scored you have landed in rip city. you rack up frequent ripper miles.
jb has the most miles so far.
ah h-ll yea my n-gg- you went to rip city

yea i did
another way of saying fit, toned, or in shape
hey karen. i see you’ve been putting in work on ya abs. it’s looking like rip city over there!

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