a nerd… a goody two shoes. and idiot. mean. leech. p–py.
“dude! dont be such a risliana!!!’

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  • rolling puddles

    it is a term used in crystal methamphetamine-smoking circles. street names for crystal meth include ice, gl-ss, speed, etc. when you load the product into your oil burner to smoke it, you have to carefully introduce the gl-ss bowl to heat, like a lighter or butane torch, every time to want to hit it. once […]

  • runwaying

    when a woman walks in a very s-xy , confident, provocative way to get your attention. she is runwaying you… i think she likes you.

  • sackpacket

    used to describe someone that is being a b-tch, -sshole, idiot, douchebag, or all of the above ” uggh, henry’s being such a sackpacket.”

  • savage badger

    when a bearded man plunges his p-n-s and/or b-lls into any dark mysterious hole discovered in the forest floor. after several organic hoppy microbrew beers, wesley declothed and wandered through the woods until he found a mysterious hole in the ground where he could preform the savage badger.

  • savory biscuit

    noun,a tacky lounge dancer . a person who is too hot for there own good (look wise). jon did you see that lady at the club she was a savory biscuit .

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