a f-g or rat face
wow he is a roback

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  • comptonkid

    a person who moved out of compton as a kid, pre-teen, or teenager but still bangs their hood/city/block oscar renderos aka the comptonkid underground rapper from compton moved to arizona where he receive 2 interviews aired on bet

  • ronny clip

    a ronny clip is one swift punch to the chin, whilst saying “ronny clip” i just gave shex a ronny clip hahaha.

  • dungeo

    this word describes firstly homeless people who are dirty and stinky and secondly wierdos who dress in all dark clothes and makeup “hey man that dungeo stinks” “look at all those dungeos man, they must be going to some like dungeon”

  • ron the con

    a legendary member of the mafia, who spent time in prison for selling guns and cultivating hydroponic cannabis. by all accounts, a completef-cktard. hey, when does ron the con get out of jail? i need some choof!

  • rudalistic

    a realistic view presented in a manner that is perceived as rude by the recipient or others. “i was being rudalistic when i told bobbi she will not make it as a trumpet player because she simply stinks at practicing!” rude realistic

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