huge in size, due to muscle strength and/or sometimes fat contents.
“alex norcini is the most robust player on the football team, its because of his “guns”.
1. people who cannot controll their weight

2. robustness of the big exciting variety
something either strong in smell or taste, or someone strong and somewhat off-putting in character, behavior, and/or personality, also defined as something or someone that is “not faint.” sometimes used as a filler for something that cannot be put into words.
did you see that one wh-r- girl that goes to our school the other day? she was lookin’ kinda… um… robust.

dangggg did you taste those doritos? they were kinda robust…
adjective; one who intends on being “up front” and “personal” with every conversation physically and vocally. usually is heightened when alcohol is involved.
eric thinks:”why is such a drunk, robust, c-ckstrong individual?”

derek thinks:……………….am i robust?

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