rocketburner is a slang term for a sp-ce heater
fire that rocketburner on it is baltic in here

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  • hidden faith

    being openly g-y behind closed doors but being a faithful to god and his will or being part of cult no man i’m true don’t worry about it i have my hidden faith

  • francising

    betting anyone on anything just to make a dollar will went around town francising all day long.

  • mickery

    the act of acting like a f-cking irish person: drunken, pr-ck, -sshole, people who can’t even grow a potato. that’s total mickery. a: “that f-cking -sshole, he drank my last beer!” b: ” brah, that was total mickery”.

  • ring toe

    like a ring finger but on your foot. i have athletes’ foot on my ring toe.

  • poondrifter

    a term generally used by roustabouts and scallywags to define the antics of seamen to constantly search for girls while on the water. poonigan look at ole’ boudreaux out there cat calling those girls on the doc. he sure is a poondrifter.

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