1. the actual bad-boys and bad-girls of rock’n’roll. they play themselves in the supermarket tabloids (example: amy winehouse)
2. the actual inhabitants of rockville, maryland; rockville, indiana, rockville, utah; etc. (also spelled rockvillians)
3. the famous inmates of alcatraz, san francisco, california, usa, the famous federal prison also know as “the rock” example: al capone was a rockvillain)
john doe, his family and his dog live in rockville, maryland, so they are rockvillain (s).
1. an individual of a larger group of die hard rock-n-roll fans that flock together in the m-sses every year at the end of april for a 2-day outdoor concert called “welcome to rockville,” which is held in jacksonville, florida.
every year at welcome to rockville, you can easily find the infamous group of rockvillains by listening to their war cry, “rock t-ts sumb-tch.”

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