term to descripe a epic video that is going viral.
the video “awesome crashes 42” is so epic! roflblitzkriegcopter

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    roll on floor laughing b-tt naked covered in cheese whiz. an internet and text acronym used to describe something as randomly funny 9or just wrong) as one who would lie down in the floor b-tt naked coverd in cheese whiz. tony met his new girlfriend at his daughters birthday party! roflbnccw!

  • jumped

    when you get attacked by a group of people i just got jumped by a gang of lebanese when your ambused by two or more people. patrice, her sis and her cousin jumped sarai. to randomly have a sh-t load of guys to run at you and beat the living f-ck out of you. holy […]

  • vaclav

    cool very ultra hip. he is so vaclav. those shoes are so vaclav!

  • borloloy

    pl. borloloys – tagalog slang for fashion accessories, eg. bracelet, necklace, earings, etc. don’t use too many borloloys. you will look like a christmas tree. (n.) 1. a filipino term for fashion accessories; 2. – culture: an eminent filipino culture pertaining to the lavish decors put in homes, streets, stores, etc.(syn: uslawit culture) e.g. 1: […]

  • Vagina Teeth

    someone who has a odd mutation, that when having s-x, or when someone trys to have s-x with the female, and she does not want it, she can disconnect the p-n-s from the male body, by severing the p-n-s with her v-g-n-l teeth. it gets messy. – the movie teeth, watch it and you’ll know […]

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