this awsome acc-mulation of letters means rolling on floor laughing my -ss off
“rob: im cool and not at all annoying”
“tony: roflamao”
“rob: aww…”
on the
dude1: guess what?
dude2: what?
dude1: chickenb-tt
dude2: roflmao
rofl = rolling on floor laughing
lmao = laughing my -ss off
rofl + lmao = roflmao
roflmao = rolling on floor laughing my -ss off
n00b: stop shooting me in the head plzzz :'(
pro: roflmao you n00b!
a ridiculous over statement used when people actually are not “rolling on the floor laughing (their) -ss off”

in reality, it means:

really, only fibbing. looking moderately amused only.
person a: i’m so tired my eyes hurt
person b: lol
person a: did you actually lol?
person b: no! roflmao
person a: are you actually laughing now?
person b: no.
person a: you’re an idiot.
short for rolling on the floor laughing my -ss off. often used in online chat rooms. also an amusing thing to name a cat when pr-nounced as a word.
1- king g: im so ghetto
idiot: roflmao!

2-here roflmao, kitty m-ffins!
roflmao: meow!
internet slang for “rolling on (the) floor laughing my -ss off”. usually used when “lol” just isn’t enough. there have been cases of which people have added an ‘f’ to the acronym. thus being “roflmf–” a.k.a “rolling on (the) floor laughing my f*cking -ss off”.
ben: hey phil, why did the chicken cross the road?

phillip: why?

ben: to get to the other side!

phillip: roflmao!
rolling on the floor laughing my -ss off

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