when you’re so savage that ruthless isn’t good enough
“you’ve got so many circles on your arm that it’s gonna look like a f-cking venn diagram!” “#rogueless!”

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  • wmdg

    “wmdg” is short for “was machst du gerade?”, which means “what are you doing?” in german. (“wmdg” or “wmd” is the german equivalent of “wyd”.) person 1 “hi wmdg?” me: “ich schaue youtube, du?”

  • fybby

    slang for ‘for you baby.’ i’ll get it fybby!

  • w*ng bagel

    a bagel that one uses to pleasure themself i lost my w-ng bagel yesterday. this has been the dullest weekend ive had in a while.

  • aux fire

    when the person playing music using the aux cable, is doing a great job setting the mood. dam son! on the road trip jerry was brining that aux fire!

  • rehaballitation

    the process by which an adult male gradually gets his masculinity back after an extended period of being emasculated by the women in his life. guy a: i’m so glad john is coming with us to vegas this weekend. since he got married five years ago he hasn’t been on a guys weekend. guy b: […]

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