one who wears unauthorized or unwarranted patches on an mc cut.
look at that rojo wearing a nomad patch. he obviously doesn’t know what the means.
the fashion of the people; the communism of fashion.
lenin: i think i’m going to go put on my rojo seersucker shorts. then maybe i’ll go be genocidal.
1. rojo is a new name for the preppy and metros-xual fashion fads as well as an old fashioned sense of propriety and care. polo shirts, pressed and collars firmly folded, are typical as well as “seer sucker shorts,” or, shorts with a pinstriped texture.
2. another word for chad’s wardrobe. “chad’s wardrobe” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.
rojo is fashion for fat people.
-fat people walk by wearing normal clothes
-chad points at fat people
chad again: rojo!!! i am so freakin’ intense!!!!
rojo is neither the official spring fashion for 2005 nor the communism of clothing. rojo is, by definition, deez nutz. that’s right, rojo equals my b-lls. not your mama’s, not your papa’s, mine. therefore, anyone who subscribes to the theory of rojo subscribes to my hairy n-ts-ck.
“guys! rojo is so in this season! i can’t wait to get in on the trend!”

pants drop. b-lls exit. this is rojo at its prime.
the official spring ’05 fashion, cl-ssic with a touch of haberdashery
me: why are you wearing a pink polo shirt with searsucker shorts?
chad: rojo!!!
two people that are really cool and random.
enjoy making a fuss about small(usualy inatimate) objects.


“wow those guys are like totaly rojo!”
slang for marlboro reds cigarettes
“hey, can i get a grit, man?”
“sure, i just got a pack of rojos.”
rojo is a breath of gentlemanly fresh air in the modern world. the rojo way of life is not meant for derision. those who trifle with it merely show their own ignorance of true cl-ss.
“chad is a little b-tch. rojo is my n-ts-ck.”
“you clearly lack rojo and perhaps a n-ts-ck as well.”

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