role model

someone worthy of imitation
“every child needs a role model”
1. someone that cares enough to set a good example for kids to look up to.

2. someone that strives to be a decent human being
my older brother is my role model.
as a small child: the firefighter that came to your school and showed you the fire truck
as a middle schooler: the sh-tty celebrity or artist that your cl-ssmates talk about on a daily basis
as a high schooler: your older sibling who gets plastered daily in college and refuses to acknowledge social norms
teacher: okay, cl-ss, who is your role model? -big fake smile-
middleschoolkid 1: your mom.
middleschoolkid 2: your mom jokes aren’t funny anymore. that was so 2007. -flicks back hair in b-tchiest possible way-
middleschoolkid 1: -wipes tear off cheak- okay, my role model is lindsey lohan
middleschoolkid 2: c-ke wh-r-
a clothing line made by a band called simple plan.
i just bought a role model shirt!

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