internet jargon for rolling over laughing my f-cking -ss off
seeing the proud new owner of the pic-sso painting actually put his elbow through it had me rolmf–.

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  • loaded queef

    n. a v-g-n-l purge of s-m-n the girl went to pee, and was surprised by an unexpected loaded queef

  • Loaf Poker

    a male, typically h-m-s-xual, who enjoys giving -n-l. loaf: t-rd – as in “pinch off a loaf” poke: poke seth’s back door is always open to a handsome loaf poker.

  • do you me

    other way of saying i would sleep with you. e.g – do you me, to a random person (cotts )

  • draft cunt

    a girl who continually drinks the beer of others without offering to reimburse by cash or with more beer m-th-rf-cker! that’s f-cking draft c-nt showed up to our party

  • Lobby Police

    a f-cking ch-nk who jacks off every second of his life. that kid is a lobby police.

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