roota to the toota

in a general sense,it means to go from front to back. it originated in the south when southern blacks were speaking about pigs and hogs. the roota (rooter) is the nose of the pig. a pig uses it’s nose to root up dirt. the word toota (tooter) has always been a term for booty. the nose of the pig is in the front,and the booty is in the back. front to back.
guy: man,i’m hungry as h-ll!!!
dude: i got ribs on the grill. come through.

guy: you ain’t got to tell me twice. boy,i’m so hungry,f-ck a rib. i could eat a whole hog from the roota to the toota.

teacher: turn in your book reports.

john: here.
teacher: your book report was excellent. you read that book everyday,didn’t you?
john: shiiiiiit…..from the roota to the toota,mane.

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