named after the flower: rose. rosellia is a young princess who used to live in a peaceful dimension. she believed her past was miserable. getting bullied with overprotective parents who tries to keep her in the castle at all times. she couldn’t take such nonsense, so she started to learn how to take care of herself. she ran away, left a note, and learned about her powers. still wandering, she eventually came across a bad man who tried to kidnap her. “let me go!” she said. she attacked the man, and fled. running as fast as she can, the man still chasing her, she hid and summoned a portal leading to a different dimension. she went through, and left the kingdom for as long as until ‘immortal’ happened. the parents were scared for her. searched everywhere, no sign of where she was. but found the note, they were devestated. rosellia encountered a woman named rachael, but more bullies and ran away again. this time, she ran away to a suicide mountain. fell into mt. ebott… and that’s how the story began…
rose: oh! good day. my name is rose. short for rosellia.

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