a beautiful kind caring girl who will make your whole world better any guy would be lucky to have a girl like her and to be able to call her his she has a beautiful soul and gorgeous eyes her smile will light up your whole world and without even knowing it she will make you fall in love with her she has the most amazing personality and is one of the best people you will ever meet she is very honest and faithful if you know a rosenberg hold onto her and never let her go
she’s gorgeous.

yea she’s a rosenberg.
oh that explains it.
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when somebody successfully urinates on a males b-llsack.
myles: “p-ssing on b-llsack”
taylor: nooo! n-gg- gave me a rosenberg!
a person that is born a hermaphrodite and chooses the male s-x due to the inability to grow br–sts. given a name that is interchangeable between the male and female s-xes in order to allow for a gender decision. after a choosing a gender, this person tends to s-xually attract members of both s-xes.

“he’s so girly, i wonder if he’s gay.”
“no, he’s not gay, he’s a rosenberg.”
a beautiful girl with an amazing soul a beautiful smile and someone who will always make you smile you can always count on her to turn your day from miserable to fantastic she is the perfect girl for any guy and the guy who is with her is the luckiest guy alive she is the most beautiful girl that you will ever meet if you know her don’t let her go
she’s so beautiful.

yea her names rosenberg.
oh that explains it.

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