roseville ca

a beautiful town in placer county, ca. most people think roseville is full of sn-bs but 99% of them still live at home with their mamas and play keyboard gangstas online so n-body cares what those vapid people think. roseville has tons of restaurants from burgers and fries, to lobster and kobe beef. they have a booming economy and yes, a beautiful mall. roseville has played host recently to many well known celebrities who have opened their own businesses here.

roseville high school is home to the tigers and they have the best color guard team in the state!

the people here are generally friendly, caring and have a wonderful sense of community.

roseville police department does not hesitate to put the smack down on perpetrators of the law and tend to be warm, personable, and good looking bad-sses! thank you rpd!!!!!!!

to sum it up: roseville rocks & haters are sissy la las who still live at home with their mamas.
roseville ca is awesome

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