one of the greatest friends you’ll ever have. a walking -rg-sm machine. really nice and will give the pipe at any time of day. funniest person alive. you could talk to him for the longest.
“who’s that tuff boy over there?”
“oh yeah, that’s rosheed!”

Read Also:

  • devils pepple

    that tiny overlooked pepple which prys between the contact of your skateboard wheel and the concrete, causing an immediate stop i was haulin’ -ss down that hill until i found the devil’s pepple….

  • pep hitting

    the act of hitting d-nky -ss grounders that just escape the reach of the fielders. usually only performed by little p-ss-es who can’t hit “god john, stop pep hitting. be a real man and hit dingers.”

  • double basing

    the art of playing with your lady friends nipple whilst simultaneously flicking the bean i gave my wife a lesson in double basing last night

  • speedis

    sloth sitting on a tortoise “that lachy is such an australian speedis”

  • where her legs begin

    a poetic way of saying p-ssy. brandon sat around thinking of amelia and how he would love to get back to where her legs begin.

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