the type of streamer that asks questions, give statements and commands people while miss-pr-nouncing everything at the same time
he’s just one of those roshugaming streamers

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  • strugdealer

    a drug dealer that does have custos but never profits for a bigger bag, staying in a never ending cycle of struggling and dealing with no realistic financial gain. “i need gains i would never want to be a strugdealer”

  • alcoholic nyquil

    the alcohol you use to drink yourself to sleep “carson you smell like a bar” “yeah i had a bit of a rough night” “dude, no alcoholic nyquil, that stuff will kill your liver”

  • future fat

    when you can look at someone and know that one day in the future they will be obese. guy 1: i don’t know bro, she’s pretty hot. guy 2: nah man, look at her face, she’s totally going to be future fat.

  • augustas

    he is a s-xy boy with big biceps and at 12 pack, these people are found in eastern europe, he loves girls but sometimes men, everyone wants to have his basketball skills i wish had an augustas body!

  • leadwich

    when your v-g-n- (sandwich) has something stuck in it and it feels heavy, like lead. “jennifer, my tampon got lost inside of me and now i’m left with this leadwich between my legs.”

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