ross anderson

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  • manspeaking

    manspeaking is when, among a conversation of women, a man speaks without first being spoken to. this term is used by feminist to silence a man who’s speaking when their input in the conversation is not needed. to avoid manspeaking, you must wait to be spoken to first before saying a word. if you’re not […]

  • a gang of hagrids

    a gathering of tough looking motorcycle riders who travel with pets. we drove past a gang of hagrids. they all had tiny dogs in carriers on their motorcycles.

  • eldana

    a creep who calls people s-xy i’m not s-xy, you eldana!

  • pilkunnussija

    finnish for “commaf-cker”. a pilkunnussija is someone who is an intense stickler for little things (especially grammar). i’ll ask harry to proofread my essay. i don’t like him, but i’m gonna need a pilkunnussija for this.

  • it just works

    it just works is a meme so to say, it is used when something makes absolutely no sense it was created to explain a ability in a mangaka then adapted by todd howard when explaining fallout 4 settlement mode “man did you see king crimson’s ability it just works man” “this feature, it just works” […]

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