adj. used in place of legendary
that party was a rotticci party

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  • Rouncid

    adj. to feel sick, like you’re going to vomit. v. to rounce. “i can’t mix beer and wine, it makes me feel rouncid.”

  • routt cathlic high school

    a catholic high school in jacksonville, illinois that lacks in athletic and academic skills. the school is run by crazed nuns. this douche bag of a school consisted of drunken sl-ts and gay guys who call each other ‘bros’ and have b-tt s-x on a daily basis. (gay and gaycob) mary- hey becky would you […]

  • Sibble Dibble

    to sip a drink yo man let me get a sibble dibble of that

  • Row Head

    a bl-w j-b that is given in a field when operating a piece of farm equipment. for example, a bl-w j-b that is recieved while planting corn in rows, or recieving a bl-w j-b while operating a combine in a field harvesting rows of corn. my wife’s sister gave me really great row head while […]

  • Sicker than your average

    to be better than the average. a little bit better than normal. originated in biggie small’s song “hypnotize”. my car is sicker than your average.

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