rough jimmy

when you are giving a girl -n-l and she sh-ts on your d-ck.
robbie was giving lexi excellent -n-l when all of a sudden she gave rob a rough jimmy all over his c-ck

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  • my seed

    pretty much like saying “my son” just a more vulgar way. ayeeeee. my seed, how’s it going fam?

  • fat swany

    the act of shoving a whoopie pie down your pants creating the illusion that you have a huge d-ck. that b-tch last night gave me a huge fat swany!

  • vocalmonster

    word used to describe korean pop idol kim namjoon whenever he showcases his beautiful vocals. “did you hear about bts’ triple threat namjoon? apparently he is a rapmonster, a vocalmonster and even a dancemonster. is there anything this man cannot do?”

  • piam

    piam is a short form used in social sites. it is casually used to say “pleasure is all mine” as a reply of “thank you”. it’s more cool to say “piam” as a reply of “ty” which means “thank you”. superfly – ty! me – piam 🙂

  • schrodingers *sshole

    a person who decides whether or not they’re full of sh-t by the reactions of those around them. “that guy who posted ____ but said he was just trolling when no one agreed with him is totally a schrodingers -sshole”

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