Roundup, Mt

a small town as far as the rest of the country is concerned, but a half way large town for montana. roundup is like the cooler older sister to the towns of melstone, lavina, broadview, and ryegate.

the people who live here tend to be shorter than average but have larger than average egos. this is probebly due to the water that looks like sewer water and tastes like it too. there is an excess of drugs and alcohol which can be found in the school parking lot any day of the week.half of the population under the age of 35 thinks that they are gangster, even though the town is surrounded by ranches and farms. the other half admits that they are rednecks.

there isn’t really anything to do in roundup but hang out with your friends. the highschool is nothing special. the only teams that ever get high awards are the academic teams.

the only reason to move to roundup is because of the coal mine that never does very well.

yet for all its downfalls, people still are crazy enough to live here.
so you’re moving to some town in the middle of nowhere?

yep, it’s called roundup, mt.

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