one of the best engineering schools in the world… but trust me, you won’t think so while you’re there.
see: troy, ny
noun. a college in troy, ny noted for its distinct lack of females (less than 25% of the student body), h-llish cl-sses, and hockey team.
i went to rpi and didn’t get any action for four years!
a university situated in troy, ny, also known as the -sshole of the universe. due to their small number, women are the unchallenged warlords of the place. said to have conformist education and autocratic culture.
hey dude, i’m just trying to be honest
noun. rensselaer polytechnic inst-tute. located in troy, ny. known for being a good engineering school, better known for a disturbing and unhealthy lack of females. females that do exist either have ribs or might actually be males.
real rpi slogan: “why not change teams?”
a place on earth where white people are the minority and the chances of getting booty is 0%, as calculated by the nerd population of rpi which has been calculated to be 99.0% or the rpi community
when in arbor hill one may say, “d-mn i feel like i’m at rpi”
rpi stands for “random party implosion”. this is when your xbox live party decides to stop existing, disconnecting everyone mid-conversation.
i hate when there’s an rpi, especially when we’re in the middle of talking.
random party injury: any injury occurring during or after a rager
at the doctor’s office the morning after, jerry blamed his rpi on a volleyball accident so his insurance would cover his expenses.

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