“read the f-cking headline”
from fark
i only had to rtfh to know the article was a keeper.

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  • superior

    the feeling of being better than others. the jews always think they’re superior to the rest of the world. subjective – one of greater rank or station or quality. adjective – someone of high or superior quality or performance of or characteristic of high rank or importance – if something is superior then it’s in […]

  • virginity

    what women are proud to have and men are ashamed of. “i’d feel guilty taking your virginity away from you,” she said, “you’re so . . . nice.” “it’s not like i value it,” said he. unfortunately rare, but a valuable find. believing in morality and true love. devotion and commitment to purity. beauty in […]

  • Viera High School

    an idiotic school run by a band of fascists, where 85% of the student population should be taken out back and shot for general douchebaggery. students have muscle cars that their parents bought them, such as mustangs, camaro’s, and chargers. a tiny amount of people there actually understand that cars aren’t about what you can […]

  • apricot fest

    the opposite of a ‘sausage fest’. when a party is all girls and no boys have shown up/been invited. if it’s an accidental apricot fest this can be incredibly embarr-ssing for the host, however if it’s intended, there’s always a fun night to be had :] ‘whoa caitlin, why did you invite me to this […]

  • a.q.r. syndrome

    acronym for, “ain’t quite right” syndrome. mamasaur says that it is more polite to say these three letters when in uncertain company to describe a socially inept loser than to stoop low and use a curse word or other easily recognizable insult. “yeah, you know–he’s got a little bit of the a.q.r. syndrome,” said mamasaur […]

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