read the friggin’ manual
you cant figure out how to do something with a product you purchased…rtfm
read the f-cking manual
what’s rtfm
i forgot
<@avaxx> read the f-ck-ng manual.
you could just tell me
literally “read the f–king manual”; a term showing the frustration of being bothered with questions so trivial that the asker could have quickly figured out the answer on their own with minimal effort, usually by reading readily-available doc-ments. people who say “rtfm!” might be considered rude, but the true rude ones are the annoying people who take absolutely no self-responibility and expect to have all the answers handed to them personally.
“d-mn, that’s the twelveth time that somebody posted this question to the messageboard today! rtfm, already!”

the first commandment of technology.
the commandments of technology

1. thou shalt read the f-ck-ng manual.
2. thou shalt treat technology with care and love.
3. thou may covet thy neighbor’s technology, but thou shalt not steal it.
rtfm – read the f-ck-ng manual
a reply to when people go on internet message boards asking for technical advice on subjects where the obvious solution is usually given in products user manual:

“why is my printer speaking in german?”
“rtfm ;o)”

“why wont my scanner work?”
“read the f-ck-ng manual.” the most obvious solution to most tech problems. also the most overlooked solution.
“how do i format the text this way?”

“rtfm. f1 works, you know…”
proponents of such acronyms encouraging new users to look the information up themselves are often discouraging questions that could easily be answered using the faqs, wiki or google.

rtfm frequents questions that common sense should have precluded asking.

some may choose to reply in this fashion rather than leaving the newbie without a response so as to clarify what types of questions are considered inappropriate, unintelligent or inconsiderate of others’ time.

originally: “read the field manual” used by wwii soldiers when asked basic questions by new enlistees.

rtfm quickly spread to engineering, computer & technical fields, and has gained popularity with internet usage.

its applicability has increased dramatically with the advent of wiki, where the answer is already at everyone’s fingertips.

rookie: how am i supposed to clean this m1?
veteran: read the field manual.


noob: how do i install linux?
1337: rtfm @ linux.org/docs/beginner/install.html

polite usage that will increase likelihood of a helpful response:

newbie: how do i…? i have already rtfm.
rtfm is a internet word used to say “read the f—ing manual”
bob – i need help 🙁
jim – ok what with
bob – how to install this game
jim – =/ rtfm
bob – what???
jim (has logged off)

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