just a big -sshole. someone who is such a d-ckhead 24/7 that you can’t tolerate him.
this guy frank was being such a rubino last night in front of those girls.

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  • the alberta

    when you are having s-x with a girl and finger your own -ss! greg gave himself the alberta last night and then sucked his finger

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    loves supreme gods like jadon persifini was so in love with that god

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    a popular g-y-girl loveteam in the philippines, composed of vice ganda and karylle (because of the noontime show “it’s showtime”,) that has undeniable chemistry. from friends to being sweet to each other, they still puzzle people’s minds knowing if they became real especially when their loveteam grew. karen: have you seen it’s showtime yesterday? karylle […]

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  • power thirsty hoe pth

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