a hairy, s-xy and good looking human being who can’t see at all without specs. generally, such people has very good but slooooow brain. such species falls in loves very frequently and some times they can fall in love with more then 2-3 human beings at a time.
guy 1 – check out that hairy thing!! what is that thing ??

guy 2 – man, that thing is rujul!!!

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  • five finger linger

    putting one’s entire hand inside an orifice for s-xual stimulation. like fisting, except my girlfriend doesn’t find the “five finger linger” to be quite as revoltingly blunt as “fisting”. if i really want to abuse her hole, i simply give her the ol’ five finger linger.

  • running blumpkin

    performing 69 while running and deficating at the same time. i think that raab himself would be all over a running blumpkin after what i saw in that cky video.

  • Running Crew

    a person or group of persons involved with the moving, building, and positioning of set pieces in theatre running crew is called to the last 2 weeks of rehearsal, so bring your game face.

  • running on sails and steam

    bis-xual. that guy standing in the corner near the bar stools must be running on sails and steam. he’s talking to the ladies, but i notice he raises his eyebrows every time those italian guys walk by.

  • devious OCD

    a rare form of obsessive compulsive disorder which manifests itself in the form of an almost undeniable desire to create order but at the same time incur chaos. pants: is there some kind of devious ocd? crack: yea, i think i’ve heard about it. pants: aw man, i think i have it.

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