Rule 34e

rule 34e states that if p-rn/hentai is made of an anime or a video game, it is considered canon.
guy1: at least the p-rn i’ve seen of legend of zelda isn’t canon.

guy2: yes it is, rule 34e states that all p-rn -ssociated with any video game or anime is official.

guy1: fffffuuuuu-
states that if p-rn is made of an existing entertainment franchise, show, or series, it is considered official to the mentioned series, because someone who is -ssociated with the creation said franchise, show, or series made p-rn art of it.
guy 1: hey dude, did you know about rule 34 of ed, edd, and eddy?

guy 2: yeah why? its not like it actually happened.

guy 1: no it happened, because on of the creators actually made p-rn of it. so it did technically happen, it just revealed in the show.

guy 2: wtf!?

guy 1: rule 34e dude.

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