a foreign object one sticks up anothers -ss when he/she is mad. also used for measurement in few cases.
don’t make me get the ruler!
it means.. somethin’ as “i’m teh best” or somethin’ like that.
h4h4h4, im t3h rul3r 0f th!z g4m3 !!1!1!oneone!!!11!!!!
(hahaha, i’m the ruler of this game !!!)
tool used for measurment
i used and ruler in cl-ss today
ruler has to definitions:

1; someone who rules others, like aking, queen, prince, government, ect

2; a flat stick that is used for measuring commonly in cms and inches.
mrs. lolleio told us to measure our hand length with our brand new ruler. (s)
scale/digital scale
i need the ruler to break up that work.
good, nice, straight, like a ruler
yo man, that song is ruler.
the dominant in a group.
she was the ruler of the three younger men.

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